Black Leash 25

Black Leash 25

Ezy Dog Vario 4 Multi-Function Dog Leash, Black, 185cm

Size: 75cm, 100cm and 185cm variations

With the Vario 4 multi-function dog lead you have four different leashes in one. This version is designed for medium-large dogs over 20kg with 25mm webbing and size-appropriate hardware.

It's a great leash to use whilst hiking or even your everyday walk, because the adjustability is perfect for different situations. To change the 185cm walking leash to a 100cm traffic leash, simply pull the lead through the D-ring at the collar end. To transform it into a 75cm length bring the handle back one more time.

Pulling the D-ring one more time takes it back to a full length leash. It also functions as a temporary check collar if needed and can also be used to tether your pooch to a post.

Uses a blend of super soft nylon webbing that is gentle against fur and skin.

A reflective trim helps improve safety in dull or wet conditions.

Stainless steel D-ring doesn't rust!