Gourmet Bone - Duck

Tasty Bone Gourmet Edible Bone - Duck Flavour

Tasty Bone Gourmet Edible Bones are a fun alternative to traditional treats like biscuits or chews.

Designed specifically for small breed dogs, this fully edible bone has a mouth-watering duck flavour and will keep your dog occupied and out of trouble. Made from only the highest quality ingredients, Tasty Bone Gourmet Edible Bones contain no added sugar and salt and are a great option for dogs on a diet as no calories are absorbed when consumed.

Fully edible chewable bone
Mouth-watering gourmet flavours
No added sugar or salt and no calories absorbed when eaten
Suitable for small breed dogs
Safety Advice:

Not suitable as a fetch toy, do not throw the Edible Bone for your dog to catch as the impact could damage their teeth.
Replace the Edible Bone when it is small enough for your dog to swallow whole.
As with all chewable treats, supervision is recommended.