Greenies Feline - Savoury Salmon

  • $12.90
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Greenies Feline Dental Treats Savoury Salmon Flavour For Cats are Yummy Crunchy Rewards That Improve Oral Health

  • Helps clean your cats teeth by using natural chewing action to wipe away both plaque and tartar build up from the tooth surfaces
  • Assists in freshening breath by the daily removal of the plaque that can cause bad breath
  • Unique shape and crunchy texture
  • Helps to maintain healthier teeth and gums
  • Developed for use as a daily treat
  • Highly palatable and great tasting
  • Nutritionally balanced and complete for adult cats.
  • Natural formula with added vitamins, mineral, taurine and chlorophyll to optimise health
  • Provides environmental enrichment and stimulating activity
  • A safe and appropriate option that satisfies your cat’s instinctive drive to chew