Halter Harness

Black Sporn Halter Harness, Medium - 30cm - 43cm Neck

Does your dog pull non-stop whilst on a lead? If walkies is no longer enjoyable for you and your dog, the Sporn Halter Harness could help you. It has a completely unique design with the ability to control any sized dog.

This particular harness is suited to medium breeds and is designed to prevent pulling whilst still being comfortable for your dog to wear. The restraints go under your dog's arms and hinder him from pulling. Padded sherpa sleeves go over the restraints and keep them comfortably in place.

Benefits of the Sporn Halter Harness
Durable braided cord and nylon webbing is long lasting.
Easily becomes a normal collar after walks.
Prevents your dog from yanking the lead.
Avoids pressure on the neck.

Neck: 30.5cm - 43.2cm
Weight: approx. 11kg - 27kg
Colour: Black