Head Halter Black

Black Sporn Head Halter Harness, Large - 27kg - 59kg

Walk time with your dog isn't enjoyable if he pulls on the lead too much, especially with large dogs. The pulling may hurt your arm and your dog might not understand your commands to 'heel' or 'slow'.

The Sporn Head Harness has been designed to stop lead pulling no matter what size your dog is or how long they have been doing it for.

This is achieved with restraints that pull at the dog's shoulders and not around the face. It's built for extreme pullers and is a friendly way to correct this undesirable behaviour.

Benefits of the Sporn Halter Harness
Nylon webbing is durable.
Transforms into a normal collar when straps are removed.
Design does not look like a muzzle.
Pressure is not applied to the neck/trachea.

Weight: approx. 27kg - 59kg
Breed example: Collies, Shepherds and