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While some of our furry friends will eat anything and everything given the chance, some dogs can develop allergies and get upset stomachs from treats that contain too many ingredients.

Our dogs’ ancestors consumed just one protein source each meal, so our Natural Treats range aims to mimic the natural feeding experience by offering a single source of protein.

A limited-ingredient but balanced diet can assist dogs with food sensitivities and other indications.

For a longer lasting chew, we would recommend any of our dental chews, including Roo Tail Tips, Spare Ribs, Kangaroo Tendon and dried bones.

One of the biggest advantages of dehydrated treats is that it's highly nutritious. Dehydrated treats retain many of their original nutrients thanks to the low-heat drying process used to make them.

This means that your dog will be getting all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong.

Vets recommend at around the age of 8 weeks, you can consider introducing a treat to your puppy, ideally, this should be a simple treat with one or just a few ingredients.

Starting with softer treats that have no more than three ingredients can help ease them into the new dietary addition without overwhelming their delicate digestive system.

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