Best Dog Training Treats

We're often asked, what are the best treats for training puppies and dogs.  Well, here are the answers.


What are the best dog training treats?

In general, as with human treats, dog treats can be high in calories, so its best to choose a small sized treat or something that can be broken into small pieces so you don't overload them during training.


What protein does your puppy like?

Figure out what protein your dog best responds to.  Some dogs are sensitive or allergic to certain proteins, so make sure you know whats in your treats.  Kangaroo, Chicken and Beef are the most popular in our store. 


Small Pieces

Get something that can be broken into small pieces, like Beef Liver, a harder Chicken Jerky or Kangaroo Jerky, small pieces of Lamb Puff or small Ocean Fish.


Watch Outs

Popular commercial treats like Schmackos or even other 'natural' soft jerky type treats can include a whole lot of nasty extras like added salt, glycerin, soy, and sugar.


Support The Locals

Look out for Aussie made treats to support the local farmers and small businesses.  Find the 'Country of Origin' label to see where they come from - you'll be surprised where a lot of Australian dog treats come from.  The Pet Project's Natural Treats are all locally grown and packed.



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