Do Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds Really Work?

Dogs start their lives blind and deaf, guided solely by the scent of their mother’s milk and the feeling of their mother and the other dogs in their litter - soft, snuggly and fluffy all around them.

So it makes sense that a warm, soft, snuggly and fluffy bed would be soothing and calming.

Most dogs love having something to snuggle into, so a bed that has well made and stuffed sides that lets them snuggle right into it, making them feel more safe and secure.  It reminds them of snuggling up with their brothers and sisters when they were babies.

There isn't any exact science to the anti-anxiety beds, but all the anecdotal feedback from our customers say their dogs love them. 


What are the best anti-anxiety beds?

When choosing an anti-anxiety bed its important to get a good quality one, which has plenty of support for your dogs.  We've all seen cheap options online which have bugger all stuffing that don't provide the support your dog needs.

It's also important to find one which has removable covers so that they can be washed when needed without destroying the filling and the structure of the bed.

We recommend the Snooza Cuddler beds, that come in both long and short fur and a variety of colours to suit your current interiors.

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