What can dogs eat at Christmas?


With Christmas fast approaching, we know your dog will be eyeing up everything on your plate. There are a few things you could sneak over the side in small amounts without doing them any harm.

Not a complete meal, more of a little treat. Some of which are included in healthy food for dogs. All the below need to be served with no seasoning, glaze, oil or butter:

✔️ Blueberries or cranberries

✔️ Lean parts of white meat (no bones, just the meat)

✔️ Carrot

✔️ Parsnips

✔️ Cauliflower

✔️ Peas

✔️ Brocolli

✔️ Brussel sprouts


The following foods are either poisonous or unhealthy for dogs:

❌ Cheese sauce

❌ Vegetables and meat fried or roasted in fat or oils

❌ Bacon / Christmas Ham

❌ Turkey or chicken skin 

❌ Cooked bones

❌ Garlic

❌ Onions

❌ Raisins 

❌ Christmas mince pies

❌ Chocolate

❌ Macadamia Nuts

❌ Xylitol / Artificial Sweetener

❌ Alcohol

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