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All of your favourites in one box.


Great for puppies and small to medium dogs, they provide high protein chewy treats that helps with dental health.


Product Details

✓  The Pet Project's premium natural treats.

✓  100% Australian products.

✓  Naturally air dried, single ingredient.

✓  Gourmet pet treats, made and hand packed in Australia.

✓  Promotes dental health from chewing.

✓  Resealable bag for freshness.

✓  Packed with vitamins and nutrients.


Better For Them

All The Pet Project's natural treats are single ingredient proteins, 100% Australian with no imported products, naturally dried and are free from preservatives, additives or any other nasties. Natural treats aid better digestion, lower risk of diseases, stronger immunity and increased energy and activity.


Each pack contains:

1x Kangaroo Jerky

1x Chicken Fillet

1x Lamb Puff

1x Beef Liver