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When only the best will do.


They are soft, tasty and easy to eat, making them the perfect training aid at home or when out and about. Made with Australian produce and no artifical colours or flavours, they are simply delicious and truely a healthy reward for your dog.


Product Details

✓  Extended range of The Pet Project's natural treats.

✓  100% Australian made from locally sourced natural ingredients.

✓  Suitable for all breeds, sizes and life stages.

✓  Gourmet pet treats, made and hand packed in Australia.

✓  Perfect size for easy training and reward.

✓  Resealable bag for freshness.

✓  Perfect for Kong or Gigwi treat dispensers and toys.


Better For Them

The Pet Project's Natural Treats are created with the philosophy that all treat ingredients should come in their most natural and high quality form.  With our passion for creating tasty and healthy treats for our beloved companions, these delicious semi moist treats are specially created for all dogs, from puppies to adult & elderly dogs, with a variety of natural ingredients that come with many health benefits.


Each pack contains:

1x Chicken Fillet (100g)

1x Bully Stick (5 pack)

1x Liver Strips (180g)

1x Chicken Training Treats (180g)